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With 60 courses and conferences a year for 2000 participants, the IUC serves as a bridge between academic communities within Europe and beyond. These courses offer low threshold access to high level international academic exchange. In doing so, the IUC has played for almost 50 years an important role in the internationalisation of research and higher education in the SE European region.

As a result of budget cuts by governments, universities and research institutes as well as through the termination of several national and international grant schemes, the financial opportunities for SE European countries to participate, have decreased significantly. This resulted in a significantly lower number of participants from the region. Since the IUC is determined to address these issues, it has founded a South-East European Scholarship Fund that offers scholarships to graduate and PhD students to participate in IUC courses and conferences.

We kindly ask all friends of the IUC -new and former lecturers, participants and all who support the IUC mission- to donate now and from time to time in the future, to the SE European Scholarship Fund. Help us to contribute to a more inclusive academic community in which the South-East European region is firmly able to participate.



All donators will be made public unless the donor indicates that she/he wishes to remain anonymous.

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