Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik

An independent international centre for advanced studies


With 60 courses and conferences a year for 2000 participants, the IUC serves as a bridge between academic communities within Europe and beyond. These courses offer low-threshold access to high-level international academic exchange. In doing so, the IUC has played for more than 50 years an important role in the internationalisation of research and higher education in the SE European region.

In order to be as inclusive as possible and to ensure participation from all corners of Europe, the IUC’s South-East European Scholarship fund is supporting students and staff members who are lacking support from their national governments, the Erasmus program, or their own institutions. For those participants, a South-East European Scholarship grant is available as a contribution to their travel and accommodation costs. 

The South-East European Scholarship Fund needs your support to keep up its work. We therefore kindly ask all friends of the IUC - new and former lecturers, participants, and all who support the IUC mission - to donate to this fund. Help us to contribute to a more inclusive academic community in which the South-East European region is firmly able to participate. Your support is highly appreciated.” 


If you wish to support the IUC SE European scholarship fund please



  1.   Scholarships can be granted to the participants of a certain number of post-graduate courses, chosen from the IUC annual programme.
  2.   A person can only receive one scholarship in a calendar year.
  3.   Only one scholarship can be awarded per course.
  4.   Scholarships are granted to participants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Montenegro, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, and Türkiye, Ukraine.
  5.   Candidates must be graduate (last year) students, PhD students or young faculty members, age 35 or below.
  6.   The Evaluation board may invite a candidate to a short interview through online platforms.
  7.   Scholarships cover the costs of half-board accommodation in Dubrovnik, mostly in the dormitory or the monastery accommodation. The IUC Secretariat makes accommodation reservations and directly pays for these services. Exceptionally, a limited number of participants from Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, the Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Türkiye, and Ukraine can receive partial compensation for travel expenses and the expenses of visa, if necessary.
  8.   Candidates submit their applications for scholarships on a special form to the IUC Secretariat at least one month before the start of a respected course.

Please download the application form.

You can read about our past grantees' testimonials here.


Wieger Bakker (2022)

Denis Janz (2021)

Michał Jan Gajda (2021)

Edward Cruz (2021)

Steffen Kruger (2021)

Andreas Hjort Bundgaard (2021)

Wieger Bakker (2021)

Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences (2021)

Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Hercegovina (2021)

Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik (decision of the EC, October 2019)

Anonymous donation secured by dr. Peter Dunn, New York (2018)



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