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IUC Dubrovnik is an independent international institution for advanced studies structured as a consortium of universities. It's mission is organising and promoting academic exchange through courses and conferences, study programmes and projects across a wide range of scientific concerns.
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Academic community and fellowship beyond all borders and barriers
Programme directors and resource persons coming from all corners of the World cooperate in organising the activities. Inter-University Centre is open to new member institutions as well as to new programmes.
An arena of programmes in advanced studies
Building upon its location and its history the IUC Dubrovnik serves as a bridge between regions within Europe and between the European region and the world by connecting scientific communities and connecting communities through science
new IUC programme
The IUC is open to new entries. The IUC course or conference must be international (organised by at least two professors from two different countries, while lecturers and preferably students should be from at least three different countries) and at the advanced academic level (graduate, postgraduate or post-doc). Organising course and conference directors contact the IUC Secretariat to check the availability of space for a specific date.


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50 years of inclusive international collaboration

There is nothing like experiencing the IUC and Dubrovnik yourself. But to give you a glimpse of where the IUC is situated and to give you an idea of what the IUC can do for you, we have created the following video. We hope you enjoy it and come to visit us in real life soon.

IUC Working Paper Series

An online platform for a selection of papers presented at IUC courses, conference proceedings and other output of our activites.

Participants about IUC
Participant opinion
"It is extremely important to defend the rule of law globally. The Zagreb Law Faculty courses at the IUC aim to raise awareness about current challenges to the international rule of law. But in our international courses at the IUC we think beyond the rule of law and how are we going to empower our international students to ensure that this vision is what our governments, legislatures and judiciaries are going to follow."
Assistant Professor Aleksandar Maršavelski, Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb
Participant opinion
"To create a course at the IUC is like to put a finger into a sea. Very soon you'll be connected with entire world."
Associate Professor Nebojša Blanuša, Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb
Participant opinion
"I have been coming to IUC for almost 14 years now, and I have always felt the experience of meeting and working with other scientists here has immensely helped me in my work. IUC has always been a place of great energy, positivity and encouragement and I am certain I would not have the accomplishments and satisfaction that I have had in my career without the opportunities provided by the IUC."
Dr. Iris Vidmar Jovanović, Department of Philosophy, University of Rijeka
Participant opinion
"I have been attending and organizing conferences and workshops at the IUC Dubrovnik since 2015. The location is stunning, processes are uncomplicated, and the IUC team is most obliging. I look forward to many future events in- Dubrovnik"
Prof. Dr. Dr. habil. Steffen Roth, Full Professor of Management, La Rochelle Business School, France
Participant opinion
"The IUC is an international think tank, where scholars and students from around the globe come to meet and exchange ideas. As the course schedule indicates, there are a wide array of courses available throughout the year."
Dawn Beichner-Thomas, PhD, Professor, Department of Criminal Justice Sciences, Illinois State University


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