Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik

An independent international centre for advanced studies


A financial support is without a doubt a vital element of any academic programme. However, a support for IUC programmes has many facets. One part can be visible through the budget of the IUC Association, but a much bigger part can not be easily seen since it does not go through the IUC account. This support refers to all travel, accommodation and meal expenses of participants of IUC courses and conferences. These expenditures are in many cases covered by participants' home institutions, by different projects, support schemes such as the one from DAAD or other national foundations or by different sponsors. There are cases when participants finance expenses which occur during IUC course or conference on their own. Course and conference organisers also contribute to the functioning of the Centre by securing the general course fee or conference fee. Students are also required to pay a symbolic fee of 50 Euro per week which covers all technical support and material expenses for the programme. It also must be mentioned that all governing positions are being carried out on a voluntary basis by dedicated members of the academic community.


A special gratitude has to be expressed to many different institutions that offered support to the IUC after the war period of 1991, after the complete destruction of the building which was hit with incendiary shells. Many member universities, foundations, institutions and individuals offered support that helped Croatian government and University of Zagreb to reconstruct the building. Those were, to name just a few: German Rector's conference, Open Society Institute, USAID, ... To all contributors, in past and presence, the IUC is truly grateful. Combining this support, the IUC is able to be a lively intellectual centre of activity.


However special thanks have to be addressed to: University of Zagreb for hosting the IUC from the very beginning, all Member Universities and Croatian Ministry of Science and Education for providing support for scholarships and operational costs.