Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik

An independent international centre for advanced studies

From idea to course

How to practically go about organising a course or a conference

Before the Course

The outset of your IUC programme will be either an idea of how to internationalise an existing research theme in your own university or national context - or it will be about meeting (parts of) your existing European or overseas research networks or starting to create new ones. You will want to explore the potential of your research themes or your already existing courses at graduate and Ph.D. level internationally. Within the tradition and framework of the Inter University Centre any discipline is welcomed, along with inter-disciplinary or cross-disciplinary courses.


You have to present a team of two or more researchers as course directors and their home universities - representing a minimum two countries. One of the course directors must be the ‘organising’ one, with whom the IUC will communicate.

You will set the date of your programme, design the title and a brief description of the course, a list of professors and other staff, teaching, instructing or supervising during the course.


You will submit your plan to the IUC Secretariat with a view to its approval by the Executive Committee by March 31st every year. Your course will be reviewed and approved by the IUC Executive committee, announced on the on the IUC web pages, other media and IUC annual poster, sent to all member universities. The Director General has the authority to accept courses offered all year round as long as they meet the IUC criteria. Those courses are also announced on the web pages.