Nada Bruer Ljubišić
Executive Secretary

My tasks consist of organising the work of the IUC office, communicating with course and conference
directors, representatives of member universities, and preparing documents for IUC governing
bodies. Additionally, I coordinate different grant schemes as well as IUC working paper series. I am
also in charge of presenting IUC activities to academic and wider public.
My work for the IUC brings me great satisfaction since it allows me to collaborate with dedicated
members of academic community: organisers and lecturers, members of IUC governing bodies and
enthusiastic students. The remarkable people I’ve had the privilege of working with throughout the
years, have fueled my curiosity and enabled me to continue learning.


Tomislav Kvesić
Administrative Assistant
My part of the job is logistical and technical support for our courses and conferences. Daily
communication with the organizing professors in order to prepare everything we need
before their arrival and daily support when they arrive so that the program runs smoothly.
From the very beginning, I really liked the cooperation with professors and students from all
over the world. The work is very dynamic, every week we have new topics, organizers and
participants. It's always great to hear from the organizers that they had a successful
conference in Dubrovnik.
The atmosphere in the IUC team is really great and through these 15 years of working at the
IUC, I met excellent people, and real friendships have been created with some of them.
Looking forward seeing you in beautiful Dubrovnik.


Nikolina Vekić
Administrative Assistant

I started working at the IUC in July 2018.
My main tasks consist of organizing logistical and technical support for each course, as well as 
handling administrative tasks. Communication between IUC and member
institutions and financial analysis is also my part of the job. Like the other members of
our small office, I am available to the organizers and participants for any practical help.
We have a lot of programs that return to us year after year, which confirms that we are doing a good job,
and we are also pleased by the large number of new programs that continuously apply to us and
want to become part of IUC.
Working in the international atmosphere with the academic community is an invaluable
experience that has contributed to my professional and personal growth.

See you in Dubrovnik.