Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik

An independent international centre for advanced studies

The Inter-University Centre, founded in 1972, is an independent, autonomous academic institution with a mission to promote international co-operation between academic institutions throughout the world.

The IUC is structured as a consortium of universities and other scientific institutions that form the centre's policies and objectives. Each Member institution delegates one representative to the IUC Council, which is the policy-making and the highest governing body of the IUC. Council is responsible for the Constitution of the Centre, admission of new Members, establishment of fields of study and academic cooperation, budgetary matters, election of the Executive Committee and appointment of the Director General. It is chaired by Chair of the Council.

Executive Committee acts on behalf of the Council between Council meetings on the formation of the annual academic programme, acceptance of budget and financial reports and agreements and contracts with other institutions. It is chaired by Chair of the Executive Committee.

Director General is responsible for the functioning of the Centre, its academic programmes, and finances.

IUC Association provides a legal basis for the functioning of the Centre, for the personnel, premises, equipment and required funding. It was registered in November 1994 by a group of long-lasting friends in order to provide the continuity of the institution in the new legal settings of the Republic of Croatia. It is chaired by President of the Association.

All governing functions at the IUC are performed by dedicated members on voluntary basis.