Inter-University Centre is an association of universities. The organisational structure of the IUC is such that each member university participates in the implementation of the centre’s mandate, policies and objectives. That is achieved through the functioning of the Council whose members are appointed by IUC Member universities.

Currently, the IUC counts about one hundred and twenty-five members from all parts of the world.


Inter-University Centre is interested in strengthening its current membership network.

The procedure for applying for membership is very simple: only a letter from a university functionary should be sent to some of the IUC official (Director General, Chairman of the Council, Chair of the Executive Committee). The yearly membership fee is 500 Euros, which supports the basic IUC infrastructure. However, organisers from paying member universities have significant financial discounts in organising their IUC courses and conferences. Each university appoints a representative to the IUC Council which meets every 5 years. Council is in charge of the Constitution of the IUC, the admission of new Members, the development of academic cooperation, the appointment of other governing bodies and decisions on budgetary matters. However, Executive Committee acts on behalf of the Council in between Council meetings and provisionally approves new members.

IUC is sending regular announcements, circular information and invitations for programmes few times a year to all its members. All professors and students are welcome not only to participate in existing IUC programmes but also to initiate new ones. IUC also offers its network to participants interested in a specific topic, organised within the IUC programme.


Questionnaire for IUC member institutions can be downloaded here.

Brochure about the IUC membership can be downloaded here

Please send it to the IUC Secretariat through e-mail:

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