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South-East European Scholarship fund

IUC started social media campaign to promote IUC’s  South-East European Scholarship fund. This fund enables students from South-Eastern Europe with fewer opportunities to engage in high level academic courses and conferences. 


For many years, the IUC has been able to support course participants from South East Europe in covering their travel and accommodations costs through regional funds, thus ensuring the inclusive character of the courses and building academic capacity in the region. Due to governmental cut backs, these funds are unfortunately no longer available. That is why the IUC has launched the South East European Scholarship fund, to continue the support to students and staff members from the region, who otherwise would not have the opportunity to join the courses at the IUC.


We kindly ask all who support the IUC mission - course directors, lecturers and participants - to donate now and from time to time in the future, to the SE European Scholarship Fund. Help us to contribute to a more inclusive academic community in which the South-East European region is firmly able to participate.


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