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Philosophy and Philosophy of Science Philosophy and Philosophy of Science


10 Jun 2024 - 14 Jun 2024
Course directors :
Michael Watkins , Auburn University, United States
Boran Berčić , University of Rijeka, Croatia
Course description:

We will work on the central issues in the contemporary metaphysics: the nature of existence; realism and antirealism in general; problems of diacronic and syncronic identity; persistence through time: endurantism and perdurantism; realism and nominalism about the universals; the nature of substance; the nature of abstract entities; presentism and eternalism; actualism and possibilism; the nature of causation; compatibilism and incompatibilism about the free will; reductionism, antireductionism and eliminativism in general; material constitution; secondary properties; dispositionalism; problems of metametaphysics; etc.

Course lecturers:
Madelaine Angelova-Elchinova , Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Bulgaria
Barbara Babič , University of Zagreb, Croatia
Vito Balorda , University of Rijeka, Croatia
Boran Berčić , University of Rijeka, Croatia
Justin Broackes , Brown University, Providence, United States
Antonio Capuano , Auburn University, United States
Filip Čeč , University of Rijeka, Croatia
Marian David , University of Graz, Austria
David de Bruijn , Auburn University, United States
Istok Đorđević , University of Split, Croatia
Jody Graham , Auburn University, United States
Maro Grbić , N/A, N/A
Ljudevit Hanžek , University of Split, Croatia
Howard Hewitt , Auburn University, United States
Andrej Jandrić , University of Belgrade, Serbia
Tomislav Janović , University of Zagreb, Croatia
Tyler Olsson , Auburn University, United States
Davor Pećnjak , Institute of Philosophy, Zagreb, Croatia
Danica Radoš , University of Split, Croatia
Matija Rajter , University of Rijeka, Croatia
Marta Ujvari , Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary
Michael Watkins , Auburn University, United States
Attached documents
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Metaphysics Dubrovnik 2024 Abstracts.docx