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Beyond the Ruins of Capitalism: Stolen Concepts, Deep Silences, Resurfaced Frictions
24 May 2021 - 28 May 2021
Course directors:
Lada Čale Feldman, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Francesca Maria Gabrielli, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Renata Jambrešić Kirin, Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research,Zagreb, Croatia
Silvana Carotenuto, Oriental University of Napoli, Italy
Nadia Jones-Gailani, Central European University, Hungary
Elissa Helms, Central European University, Hungary
Sandra Prlenda, Centre for Women's Studies, Zagreb, Croatia
Durre S. Ahmed, Centre for the Study of Gender and Culture, Lahore, Pakistan
Course description:

When in 2019 we chose the topic of our feminist course “Beyond the Ruins of capitalism”, following the book by Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing (2015), we could not predict that this topic would be more relevant than ever before due to the unprecedented crisis caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. Given that the course could not be held in May 2020, we are moving it to May 2021 keeping the same analytical focus, but with a new aim and new hopes. Namely, we do believe that the tectonic upheavals and the threat of emergency that has shaken up neoliberal states in all parts of the world, will give a new impetus to feminist agency and give strength to the thinking of radical change. However, a desire for radical thinking and radical social change was a common thread of all feminist seminars in Dubrovnik, which has been gathering activist women from Croatia and elsewhere in the world since 1999.


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ECTS requirements
Programme offers ECTS credits for doctoral students coming from universities of co-directors.
Course lecturers:
Marko Grdešić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Silvana Carotenuto, Oriental University of Napoli, Italy
Biljana Kašić, University of Zadar, Croatia
Jasmina Tumbas, University at Buffalo, United States