Arriving to Dubrovnik by plane

Once you arrive to Čilipi airport you can reach the city by taxi (the price is app. 270 kunas or app. 35 Euros for one direction) or you can take a shuttle bus which is linked with each plane lending. It goes to the Dubrovnik main bus station in Gruž area, but it will stop first at the Ploče gate, Eastern entrance to the historical centre. From there it takes a 10-15 minutes walk to get to the IUC and the Dormitory. If your accommodation is elsewhere you can take the local bus or a taxi to take you to your desired address. The bus ticket from the airport is 10,00 EUR in one direction.

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Arriving to Dubrovnik by bus

Once you reach the main bus station in Gruž area you can get a taxi to take you to your desired destination or you can wait for a local bus (1A and 1B) to take you to Pile area (where IUC is located).

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Arriving to Dubrovnik by car

If you are coming with your own car make sure that your accommodation also offers a free parking service since parking in all Dubrovnik streets is charged and free parking is very hard to find. It is recommended that in Dubrovnik you use public transportation.


Public transportation in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is rather small town so majority of distances can be overcome by foot. However, there are many buses that cover all parts of the city. Here is the map of bus lines and time table 

If you pay a ticket entering the bus the price is 15 kunas. You can also buy a ticket at the news-stand and the price is than 12 kunas. The ticket is valid for 1 hour.

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