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Media Cultures as Cultures of Mediatization
13 Apr 2015 - 17 Apr 2015
Course directors:
Carmen Ciller, University Carlos III, Madrid, Spain
Steffen Lepa, Technical University Berlin, Germany
Paolo Mancini, University of Perugia, Italy
Snježana Milivojević, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Zrinjka Peruško, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Slavko Splichal, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Course description:

In 2015, the IUC-CMS postgraduate course and research conference will be focusing on works that regard different media systems across Europe as expressions of historically developed and steadily transforming media cultures (Jansson 2003). By comparing long-term change in empirical articulations of different “cultures whose primary meaning resources are mediated through technical communications media” (Hepp 2014) we want to enrich the European media research discourse by a cross-national perspective on Mediatization.

Central Topics of Interest:

• How do the media cultures of different countries transform as part of Mediatization?

• Do Mediatization processes take place at different speeds in different media cultures?

• To which extent are media systems still determined by national governance, legislation, culture and language barriers, to which extent are they already forming trans-local global figurations?

• What kind of changes in different media cultures may be observed alongside digitalization?

• How are production, distribution and reception in the cultural worlds of popular arts

(cinema, tv-series, music, literature) affected by Mediatization?

• How are media legislation and overall politics reacting to media cultural change?

Course Organization:

The IUC-CMS is an interdisciplinary research conference open to doctoral and post-doctoral students in media, communication and related fields. Each year the topic of the course will focus on one or a combination of areas which define media systems from a comparative perspective. In 2015, we will center on research that adopts a media culture perspective on media systems and refer to the Mediatization concept. Course attendees will have extended opportunity to present and discuss their current own works with the course directors and other participants in seminar form (English language) and in further informal meetings around the beautiful old-town of Dubrovnik (UNESCO World Heritage).

While a comparative perspective across Europe will be foreground of the general course discussion, individually presented works may also adopt a comparative perspective on specific media cultures in single countries across time (i.e. media generations / biographies). A complementary methodological workshop will introduce selected qualitative and quantitative research methods that may be useful when adopting a media culture oriented approach to media system comparison, whether in time or space.

Venue Information:

The Inter-University Centre was founded in Dubrovnik in 1972 as an independent, autonomous academic institution with the aim of promoting international co-operation between academic institutions throughout the world. Courses are held in all scientific disciplines around the year, with participation of member and affiliated universities.

Additional Information and Application:

For further information, please contact the course director:

Professor Zrinjka Peruško, Centre for Media and Communication Research,

Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb. Email:

Course lecturers:
Nada Švob-Đjokić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Maja Trnšek Hančić, University of Maribor, Slovenia
Aleksander Sašo Slaček Brlek, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Steffen Lepa, Technical University Berlin, Germany
Zrinjka Peruško, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Stig Hjarvard, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Paolo Mancini, University of Perugia, Italy
Snježana Milivojević, University of Belgrade, Serbia
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