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Co-Creating The Game-Changing Game
30 Sep 2012 - 05 Oct 2012
Course directors:
Dino Karabeg, University of Oslo, Norway
Mei Lin Fung, Institute for Service Organization Excellence, N/A
Jack Park, Topic Quests Foundation , Canada
Ramon Sanguesa, University of Catalonia, Spain
Course description:

Our best ideas and technology will fully benefit us only when they are fully integrated and implemented within real-life societal systems.

In Knowledge Federation we have developed a straight-forward approach to this task (systemic innovation): We develop a prototype of a new systemic solution, and a transdiscipline around it to improve it continuously, and to strategically put it into real-world use. A typical transdiscipline includes knowledge media researchers and domain experts, as well as other experts and stakeholders as needed. In this way living societal systems are created — capable of responding to 'environmental changes' by adapting and evolving.

At this third meeting in Dubrovnik, we shall continue developing our journalism / public informing transdiscipline, which has lately been our focus; and we will also initiate transdisciplines around health, research-and-innovation and education.

The first day of the workshop is planned as a series of inspiring social events through which we will be acquainted with Dubrovnik and with one another. Each of the remaining three days will be a self-contained workshop where we will be focusing on a specific application area, and developing a distinct transdiscipline. The mornings are reserved for brief main-idea presentation of contributed articles, followed by a discussion. In the afternoons we will be creating together, first in groups and then in plenum (by using the World Cafe technique). Time and ambients are provided for conversation and recreation.

Accepted articles will re-edited and published in CEUR-WS online proceedings after the workshop.

Systemic Innovation for Collective Creativity


An international group of professionals from various disciplines met at the IUC from the 30th until the 5th of October 2012 for a workshop dubbed Knowledge Federation Dubrovnik 2012. In an unusually self-organizing format of discussions, academics, specialists and students deliberated and proposed solutions for some of the world’s most pressing issues. There was talk of systemic solutions for questions of healthcare, science andinnovation, education and journalism, to name only some. The idea behind this meeting was to achieve cross-disciplinary collaboration to reach systemic solutions to these questions. It consisted of an array of presentations, workshops, discussions and classes and extended into time and cyberspace well beyond the confinements of IUC walls. We are looking forward to witnessing the future of the Knowledge Federation’s magnanimous efforts. You can learn more about and join their activities at