Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik

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16 | Celto Slavica III

18 Sep 2008 - 19 Sep 2008
Conference directors :
Maxim Fomin , University of Ulster, Coleraine, United Kingdom
Ranko Matasović , University of Zagreb, Croatia
Conference description:
_This conference is a sequel to the Celto-Slavica I (held in Coleraine, in 2005) and Celto-Slavica II (held in Moscow, in 2006). The aim of the conference is to bring together experts in Slavic and Celtic linguistics, literature and philology, and to explore parallels between Slavic and Celtic languages, literatures and folklore traditions. Topics of the papers to be presented at the conference will cover all aspects of Celtic studies, as well as Slavic linguistics and philology inasmuch as they are relevant to Celtic matters. Especially welcome are papers dealing with historic and prehistoric contacts between Slavic and Celtic languages and cultures and those exploring typological parallels between Celtic and Slavic. Given that the conference is taking place in Croatia, the contributions that will focus on Central and Southeastern Europe are especially welcome.