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2 | International Workshop on Coupled Methods in Numerical Dynamics

19 Sep 2007 - 21 Sep 2007
Conference directors:
Chris Lacor, Vrije University Brussel, Belgium
Zdravko Terze, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Conference description:
Engineering dynamics has its origin in continuum mechanics and it is very often 'theoretical common ground' to various technologies in different areas of technical application. By using numerical simulation technologies, it is possible today to model, analyze and design complex engineering systems via utilization of mathematical models and methodologies that classically belonged to different fields of applied sciences. In this context of analysis of coupled multidisciplinary problems, the use of numerical simulation tools is changing from the traditional physics-based approach towards the application-based view, where several physical models co-exist and interact within the same simulation procedure. The objective of the workshop is to get together distinguished academics and industrial experts to deliver invited lectures on different aspects of modeling of coupled problems in numerical dynamics. The aim is to discuss relevant issues in the field and disseminate expertise to international graduate students of engineering and researchers. Aeroelastic applications in aeronautical engineering and aerospace, fluid-structure interaction in mechanical engineering and naval architecture, hydrodinamic applications and topics of flexible multibody dynamics will be covered by invited lectures and submitted presentations.