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13 Apr 2021 - 14 Apr 2021
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Course directors :
David Davies , McGill University, Canada
Jason Gaiger , University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Božidar Kante , University of Maribor, Slovenia
Matthew Kieran , University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Anna Pakes , University of Roehampton, United Kingdom
Iris Vidmar Jovanović , University of Rijeka, Croatia
Course description:

Philosophers of art study philosophical questions relating both to the arts in general and to individual art-forms. More general questions include the nature of art and of the artwork, the nature of artistic appreciation and interpretation, and the nature of artistic value. Questions posed by individual art-forms include the nature of pictorial representation (‘depiction’), of fiction, of musical expression, and of artistic performance (or depiction). Philosophy of art is usually taken to be part of the broader field of Aesthetics, which addresses, without specific reference to the arts, the nature of aesthetic properties and aesthetic experience. Philosophers of art and aestheticians welcome dialogue with other scholars whose domain of study is the arts, such as art historians and those working in cognitive science on topics relating to aesthetic and artistic experience.

The annual Philosophy of Art conference moves online this year, and will take place over two days, Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th April 2021. Speakers from Croatia, Canada, the US and the UK discuss a range of issues in the philosophy of art, including the aesthetics of poetry, artistic creation, music and theatrical performance. In keeping with conference traditions, the schedule allows ample time for discussion of each presentation and interaction amongst conference participants, this year via the virtual platform Zoom.

Philosophers of art, aestheticians, artists, art historians and scholars in neighbouring disciplines are warmly invited to attend and participate in debate. To register and receive the weblinks to join the conference, please email

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Course lecturers:
Elvio Baccarini , University of Rijeka, Croatia
David Collins , McGill University, Canada
Renee Conroy , Purdue University, United States
John Gibson , University of Louisville, United States
James Hamilton , Kansas State University, United States
Rafe McGregor , Edge Hill University, United Kingdom
Karen Simecek , University of Warwick, United Kingdom
Mario Slugan , Queen Mary Universtiy of London, United Kingdom
Iris Vidmar Jovanović , University of Rijeka, Croatia
James Young , University of Victoria, Canada