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Changing Concepts in a Changing World
14 Sep 2020 - 18 Sep 2020
ECTS points
Course directors:
Zoran Kurelić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Wolfgang Heuer, Free University of Berlin, Germany
Goran Gretić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Vlasta Jalušič, Peace Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Waltraud Meints-Stender, University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein, Germany
Cristina Sánchez, Autonomus University of Madrid, Spain
Course description:

This course aims to strengthen the awareness of how the use and changes of political concepts affect our ability to comprehend some of the main contemporary social and political challenges. Researching basic concepts in politics requires epistemological perspective facilitating access to political phenomena and experience on which these concepts are based.

The course programme and lecturers will work on building such epistemological framework, while critically engaging with clusters of concepts that are crucial for the development of critical political thinking in the 21st century and for understanding of contemporary post-totalitarian processes. Among these might be: the break with socialism/communism and its consequences, the emergence and decline of revolutionary and emancipatory movements at the end of millennium, the withdrawal of the liberal-democratic political model, the return of totalitarian tendencies in Europe and elsewhere, the burning issues of truth in/and politics, the rise of new racism and new global divisions, the problems of nation-states and sovereignty, the increased numbers of refugees, the criminalization of migration, and the rise of the global climate justice movements.

Papers and presentations will also be dedicated to specific authors or conceptual schools while addressing their similarities, differences and explanatory perspectives. Moreover, the idea is to discuss, reframe and re-describe some selected political concepts in an original theoretical and for political practice relevant way. Single concepts will be addressed along the ways of their forming, situating and translating in various discursive practices and also in multilingual contexts.

Course lecturers:
Gorazd Kovačić, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Mirt Komel, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Lana Zdravkovic, Peace Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Iana Lepetiukhina, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Russia
Nebojša Blanuša, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Vedran Jerbić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Ringo Rösener, University of Leipzig, Germany
Helgard Mahrdt, University of Oslo, Norway
Nils Baratella, University of Oldenburg, Germany