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04 May 2012 - 06 May 2012
Conference directors:
Asim Kurjak, KBC Sveti Duh, Zagreb, Croatia
Ritsuko Pooh, Clinical Research Institute of Fetal Medicine PMC, Osaka, Japan
Conference description:

Assessment of fetal behavior by four-dimensional (4D) ultrasound (US) and application of Kurjak antenatal neurodevelopmental scoring test (KANET) has been recently published in several journals. The starting point of this new test is the presumption that fetal behavior reflects the function of fetal brain. The test has been thoroughly described. The parameters of the KANET were selected based on developmental approach to the neurological assessment and on the theory on emergence of general movements (GM) from central pattern generators. By now the KANET has been shown to be useful in standardization of neurbehavioural assessment with the potential for antenatal detection of fetuses with severe neurobehavioral impairment. Further research has been initiated in several centers with similar objectives: to assess practical clinical application of the test in both, normal and high risk pregnancies. This research is part of ongoing multicentric study investigating the relationship between different parameters of fetal behavior assessed by KANET and postnatal neurological outcome.


Erich Saling (Germany)

Past, present and future of the fetal brain assessment

Kohei Shiota (Japan)

Advances in the study of embryology of fetal development

Zdravko Petanjek (Croatia)

Morphological investigation on the prenatal brain development

Aida Salihagic Kadic (Croatia)

What we have learnt from neurophysiology

Ritsuko K. Pooh (Japan)

Modern ultrasonic methods in the assessment of structural development of fetal CNS

Asim Kurjak (Croatia)

Facts and controversies in the assessment of function of the fetal rain

Milan Stanojevic (Croatia)

Neonatal aspects – is there continuity

Asim Kurjak and Milan Stanojevic (Croatia)

Controversies surrounding cereral palsy

Jose Ma Carrera (Spain)

The development of fetal neurobehavior

Ritsuko K. Pooh (Japan)

Early diagnosis of fetal brain anomalies

Ritsuko K. Pooh and Asim Kurjak

Vascularity of fetal brain studied by 3D Power Doppler

Toshiyuki Hata (Japan)

4D sonography in assessment of fetal neurobehavior

Asim Kurjak and Milan Stanojevic (Croatia)

KANET test in clinical practice

Conference lecturers:
Milan Stanojević, KBC Sveti Duh, Zagreb, Croatia
Aida Salihagić Kadić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Snežana Crnogorac, University of Podgorica, Montenegro
Marina Degtyareva, Perinatal Medicine, Russia
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