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2 | 4Th Dubrovnik International Conference On The Sanskrit Epics And Puranas (Dicsep 4)

05 Sep 2005 - 10 Sep 2005
Conference directors:
Gregory Millett Bailey, La Trobe University, Australia
James Fitzgerald, Brown University Providance, Rhode Island, United States
Mislav Ježić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Petteri Koskikallio, IASS Felow, Helsinki, Finland
Peter Schreiner, University of Zürich, Switzerland
Conference description:

September 5-10, 2005



During DICSEP 3 in September 2002, the participants agreed that the
fourth conference should be held in September 2005.

The Fourth Dubrovnik International Conference on the Sanskrit
Epics and continues the tradition of DICSEP 1, 2 and 3. As in
the previous conferences, the papers which are offered will discuss
many aspects of contemporary research on the Sanskrit epics and Critical editing of texts, composition, literary techniques,
history of texts, chronology, intertextuality, historical context, religious
and mythological contents, relationship of texts to the earlier Vedic
and later Tantric texts, the contemporary importance of this tradition,
etc. The special theme of the 2005 conference will be Parallels and
Comparisons. The proceedings of the DICSEP conference are edited
by the international Editorial Committee and published by the Croatian
Academy of Sciences and Arts.


1. Parallels and Comparisons in the Sanskrit Epics and
2. Current Work and Research on the Epics and the

The work of the conference will be organized in sessions for the presentation of papers and in workshops on related topics. In response to
the generally expressed wish of participants in DICSEP I, 2 and 3, the
conference will be run without any parallel sections, as this
encourages the fullest participation.

The conference will open on the morning of Monday September 5,
2005, and close on Saturday evening September 10. Participants
should plan to arrive by the evening of Sunday, September 4, and
plan their departures on the following Sunday, September 11, or later.

The working time of the conference will be 9 am - 1 pm and 17 pm
19 pm, with breaks for coffee, on every day except the excursion day.

The expected total time allowed for presentation of a paper will be
30 minutes: papers should be limited to 20 minutes to allow time for

During the conference two business meetings will be held over
afternoon tea or early evening drinks.


The registration fee (covering administration costs, mailing costs, programme printing costs and coffee at the conference) is:

after April 1, 2005 .......................100 EUR
Registration fees can still be paid:

direct (preferably by money order) to the Zagreb bank:

Zagrebačka banka d. d. Zagreb, Paromlinska 2,

10000 Zagreb, Croatia


for Hrvatsko filozofsko drutvo / Croatian Philosophical Society,

DICSEP (the matrix No., if asked for: 3251594)

bank account No. 2500 - 2400028375.

or by cheque to:
Hrvatsko filozofsko drutvo / Croatian Philosophical Society, Krčka 1,
10 000 Zagreb, for Dubrovnik International Conference on the Sanskrit
Epics and,

Information about payment, Registration Form and any other
communications about registration, cancellation or alteration, should
be sent to Mrs. Klara Gnc-Moačanin or Dr. Mislav Jeić (adresses

In case of cancellation before July 1, 2005, 80 % of the registration
fee will be refunded.


These are the papers so far accepted by the International Board for

Allen, Nick: The Hanging Man. A comparative view

Banik Pal, Supriya: Consorts of Pancapa..avas a comprehensive

Barois, Christelle: Following the tracks of the wise Upamanyu,
paśupata master

Bhowmik, Anasuya: A New manuscript on Rama story & its relation to
Valmikis Epic.

Brinkhaus, Horst: The Pura.aization of the Nepalese Mahatmya

Brodbeck, Simon: The Social Climbers in the Mahabharata

Bronkhorst, Johannes: Renunciation in the Rajadharmaparvan

Cosi, Vita Antonella: The Importance of Contextual Analysis in Studies
of Similes: The case of the Śiśupala episode in the Mahabharata

Couture, Andr: The reception of K...a's Childhood according to
three Jaina Sanskrit texts

De Clercq, Eva: The Jain Hariva.śa tradition

Dejenne, Nicolas: Paraśurama, Torchbearer of a Regenerated Bharatin a Contemporary Rewriting of his Narratives

Feller, Danielle: The power to fly: the rise and fall of divine generations
in the Epics

Gőnc-Moačanin, Klara: Epic vs. Buddhist Literature: the case of

Jeić, Mislav: The tri..ubh hymn in the Bhagavadgita in context

Koskikallio, Petteri: Indra, K...a and the mountain: A
ritual shift according to the Indrayajna-Govardhana

Magnone, Paolo: Tejas Mythologemes in the

Malinar, Angelika: Yoga and lordship: On theistic Yoga in the

Rohlman, Elisabeth Mary: On Religion, Literature and Geography:
Regional and Trans-regional Narrative Traditions in the Sarasvati

Sellmer, Sven: The Semantics of the Mental in the Mahabharata.
Methodological Considerations in the Light of Similar Problems in
Homeric Studies

Serbaeva, Olga: Yoginis in Śaiva The conceptualization of

the feminine
Simson, Georg von: The lunar character of Balarama / Samkar.a.a
Shnen-Thieme, Renate: Buddhist tales in the Mahabharata?

Schmcker, Marcus: TheVi..upura.a as a source for Ve.katanathas
Szczurek, Przemysław: Dharmaraja and Dhammaraja. Remarks on
Yudhi..hiras dilemmas before the great battle in the Mahabharata
Tokunaga, Muneo: Vedic Exegesis and Epic Poetry: A note on atrapy
Valpey, Kenneth: Restructured Ritual in the Bhagavata Pura.a: Some

Parallels and Perpendiculars to the Mahabharata
Vassilkov, Yaroslav: Epic mahabhaga
Viethsen, Andreas: Vish.u's Descent in Hariva.śa 40-45
Yokochi, Yuko: K...a as the Seventh Child of Devaki

The announced workshops and their conveners:

1. Translating the Sanskrit Epics and
Brockington, JohnBrockington, MaryFitzgerald, JamesSchreiner, Peter
Bailey, Greg
2. Buddhism and the Mahabharata
Bailey, GregFitzgerald, JamesHiltebeitel, Alfred
The final time-table with the abstracts will be prepared before the
conference. It will be sent to you by e-mail in advance, and you will
receive the printed booklet at the conference.


Dubrovnik can be reached by air via Zagreb, by sea from Split or
Rijeka in Croatia, or from Bari in Italy, and by land -by bus or car
along the Croatian coast. There is a highway from Zagreb to Split,
and beyond this it is under construction.


The Inter-University Centre has advised us to use the services of the
Gulliver Travel d. o. o. agency this year. If some of you have
contacted the Atlas agency, you can continue making your
arrangements with them. If you prefer to contact hotels directly, you
can do it. Most of them have their web pages. However, we have
asked the Gulliver Travel agency to book a batch of rooms for the
participants of DICSEP 4. For most of you it can be the simplest way
to book your room.
The address of the Gulliver Travel agency is:

Mrs. Marina Raić
MICE Department
Meetings Incentives Conventions Events
GULLIVER Travel d.o.o. - World of TUI
Obala S. Radića 32, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Tel. +385 20 410-818
Fax.+385 20 410 899

The information about the hotels and prices in the last circular was
only approximate. We would strongly advise you to book your
accommodation as soon as possible, because Dubrovnik can be quite
full at the time of the conference. At this moment there were no rooms
available in the hotels Argentina and Excelsior. It does not mean that
some will not be freed later if somebody cancels a reservation. We
were able to make provisional reservations for the hotels Lero and
Bellevue, which were most asked for last time because of their prices
and location, and to find out that the newly restored hotel Hilton
Imperial (the old Hotel Imperial) still has free rooms. Accommodation
can also be booked in private houses, therefore we quote these prices
too. The prices on the basis of bed / breakfast arrangement, according
to Gulliver Travel d. o. o., are as following:

a) Hotel Lero
single room, bed/breakfast ...........................EUR 59.00 per person/day
double room, bed/ breakfast ..........................EUR 41.00 per person/day

b) Hotel Bellevue
single room, bed/breakfast, ...........................EUR 71.00 per person/day
double room, bed/breakfast, .........................EUR 53.00 per person/day

c) Hotel Hilton Imperial
double room, single use, bed/breakfast.........EUR 215.00 per person/day

d) Accommodation in private houses
double room, single use, bed/breakfast.........EUR 41.00 per person/day
double room, two persons, bed/breakfast......EUR 21.00 per person/day


On Thursday 8th September we plan a boat trip for participants to therenaissance Arboretum of Trsteno and to the island of ipan. The
offer of the Adriana Travel agency, the services of which we enjoyed
at the previous conference, is 250.00 HRK, i. e. approximately EURO
35 per person. It includes the trip and a full meal and drink as last
time. We hope that you will all enjoy it.


The conference will take place at the Inter-University Centre, Don
Frane Bulića 4, 20 000 Dubrovnik, Croatia.
tel. +385 20 413 626, fax +385 20 413 628


During the conference a boat trip (including lunch) is planned. See

A guided tour of the city will be organized for all interested participants and accompanying persons.


The proceedings of the Third DICSEP (Proceedings of the Third
Conference on the Sanskrit Epics and, edited by Petteri
Koskikallio, will hopefully be published before DICSEP4 by the
Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

For the publication of the proceedings of the next conference we
shall appreciate any financial support that participants can secure in
their institutions or countries, as has been done with the proceedings
of the DICSEP 1 by the University of Oslo and the University of Zrich,
and the proceedings of the DICSEP 3 by the University of Oslo. It is
very helpful for the success of our application for financial support
from the Ministry of science, education and sport of Croatia, which
provides the largest financial subvention.

REGISTRATION FORM (for late-comers who want to attend the
conference as auditors)

(To be sent to the Croatian Local Committee which will forward it to the
members of the International Board)

Permanent address:

Do you expect to be unavailable at this address for any long period before
the conference? Please, supply details when known, and an address for
correspondence immediately before the conference, if applicable:

Please, complete / delete as appropriate:
Please, register me for the DICSEP 2005 conference YES NO
Please, retain my name on your mailing list YES NO
I have sent the conference fee of.......... to the Croatian Philosophical Society
by means of......................................................................................................
I will ask Gulliver Travel d. o. o. agency to arrange accommodation for me in
due course YES NO
I will make my own arrangements about accommodation YES NO
I will inform the conference organizers of the dates of my arrival and
departure when known.

Date: Signature:
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