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Representation and Computation
24 May 2021 - 28 May 2021
ECTS points
Course directors:
Stewart Shapiro, Ohio State University, Columbus, United States
Richard Samuels, Ohio State University, Columbus, United States
Eric Snyder, Ohio State University, Columbus, United States
Nenad Miščević, University of Maribor, Slovenia
Boran Berčić, University of Rijeka, Croatia
Course description:

In 2021, the theme for the conference is the role of representation and computation in the study of language and mind.  Some of the questions to be addressed include the following:  What is a computation?  Is there a sense in which both physical computers and abstract automata both compute?  To what extent is computation tied to representation?  To what extent do we have to understand computation in order to grasp language and mental phenomena (and/or vice versa)?


Due to the nature of the intended audience, the papers should be largely non-technical, and accessible to any professional philosopher in the analytic tradition.  In particular, speakers should avoid complex formalisms and the use of technical jargon.  Our hope is that the conference will provide a timely opportunity for philosophers and cognitive scientists working in different areas to engage on these important topics.


Invited People

Jack Copeland, Eli Dresner, Nir Fresco, Oron Shagrir, Gualtiero Piccinini, Mark Sprevak, Michael Rescorla, Marcin Milkowski,  Frank Egan, Bob Matthews, Nicholas Shea, Wilfried Sieg, Chris Kennedy, Diane Proudfoot, Paula Quinon, B. Chandrasekaran, Andre Curtis-Trudel, Robert Kraut, Chris Pincock, Craige Roberts, Declan Smithies, and Neil Tennant.



ECTS requirements
Presenting a paper in a student section or attendance only.