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New Political Order – Radical Change or Transformation?
06 Sep 2021 - 10 Sep 2021
ECTS points
Course directors:
Dragica Vujadinović, University of Belgrade, Serbia
David Rasmussen, Boston College, United States
Gerard Raulet, Maison des sciences de l homme, France
Course description:

There is much evidence that the problems which affect everybody on earth, are growing rapidly in number and in scale. To mention only the most urgent ones (1)unresolved problems of financialized globalization; (2) unresolved problems of quickly accelerating climate-change; (3) unresolved problems of the deep crisis of inter- and transnational law; not (4) to talk about the combination of global pandemia- and economic crisis, and (5) the crisis of democracy which in the course of globalization also has become a problem of inter- and transnational law. The mere size and urgency of the problems probably indicates the need for a new political order of the globe. However, the blockade of agency in the (half national and half transnational/ regional/global) present system of politics, legislation and jurisdiction seems to make problem solving ever more impossible. What to be done? Are there perspectives of radical or revolutionary change beyond the present system, and if, which ones? Or can the capacity for radical reformism or transformation that is still a characteristic of the existing system of parliamentary democracy be re-activated, and how?


ECTS requirements
Presentation of a paper.
Course lecturers:
Gertrud Koch, Freie Universitat, Germany
Hanna Maria Kreuzbauer, University of Salzburg, Austria
Christiane Bender, Helmut-Schmidt University, Germany