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21 Jun 2004 - 02 Jul 2004
Course directors:
Ljiljana Ina Gjurgjan, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Morton P. Levitt, N/A, N/A
Course description:
Course Directors: Morton P. Levitt (Philadelphia)
Ljiljana Gjurgjan (Zagreb)
The course is dedicated to the memory of Ivo Vidan (Zagreb), Co-Director of the first Joyce course held at the IUC in 1981.

Course Description:
James Joyce has long been recognized as the most important and influential author of the twentieth century. It has now become apparent that he is also among the most important cultural figures of modern times, a universal figure. This course will concentrate on multiple aspects of Joyce's talent, technique, contributions to and impact on world literature and culture. His major works, from the early Dubliners and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man through Ulysses and Finnegans Wake, will be the subject of the seminars, lectures and discussions.

Resource Persons:
Richard Beckman (Philadelphia), Morris Beja (Columbus), Lucia Boldrini (London), Rosa Maria Bolletieri Bosinelli (Bologna), Austin Briggs (Clinton), Michael Patrick Gillespie (Milwaukee), Liljana Gjurgjan (Zagreb), Judith Harrington (San Francisco), Colleen Jaurretche (Pasadena), Ellen Carol Jones (St. Louis), Sebastian Knowles (Columbus), Morton P. Levitt (Philadelphia), Carla Marengo Vaglio (Torino), David Pierce (York), Jean-Michel RabatĂŠ (Philadelphia), Franca Ruggieri (Roma).

Work Schedule:
The course will meet for six hours each day, five days each week. Morning sessions will consist of two lectures, followed by discussions organized by the lecturers. Afternoons will be devoted to a seminar in which faculty and students alike will participate.
The working language will be English, and a good working knowledge of the language will be assumed.
There will be no examinations, but participants are expected to write a paper either during or shortly after the course. This is a condition for receiving a Certificate.
The course will be conducted at a postgraduate level, but it is also open to particularly motivated students who have not yet reached that stage in their studies. Participants should bring their own texts of the novels.

General Information:
a. Those interested in participating in the course should write to the Secretariat of the IUC as soon as possible, at the latest two weeks before the beginning of the course.
b. Application forms (which will provide additional information) are available at the Secretariat and at Member Universities. Requests for participation can also be made without application forms, so long as the following information is given: name and surname of applicant; place and date of birth; present nationality; academic qualifications (degrees, institution, date of acquisition) or recommendation by a professor or expert in the subject of the course; present professional activity; and mailing address.
c. Participants will pay their own expenses for accommodation in Dubrovnik (available at hotels with three meals and room for about 55 Euros daily and a course fee of 40 Euros. For students from IUC member universities, special scholarships for IUC study may be aailable from their universities.
d. Information regarding accommodation, travel, etc., can be obtained from the Secretariat of the IUC in Dubrovnik at the address below:

Frana Buli_a 4
HR-20,000 Dubrovnik, Croatia
phone: +385 20 41 36 26, 41 36 27
fax: +385 20 41 36 28