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YouTube Channel of the Inter-University Centre

We are happy to inform you that you can follow some lectures held at IUC online or blended courses on the YouTube channel. We are slowly developing this feature thanks to the contributions of our course directors and lecturers.

With time, we plan to create a collection of online lectures that should help to overcome this unfortunate pandemic situation that is preventing IUC participants from benefiting from the atmosphere of Dubrovnik and IUC.
This feature would remain a permanent IUC contribution. We are in the process of programming an additional section on our web pages with a search engine for online video lectures, that would be allocated according to the specific academic field. Until then, video lectures will be available on our website depending on the program to which they belong.
Our programmes with available online lectures are
- International Maritime and Transport Law Course: 
Mind, World and Action: 
- Information Technology and Journalism:  
You can subscribe to our channel at