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Recent publishing of papers related to the IUC programme on data processing from Gaia - a space observatory of the European Space Agency

Topics in the articles at this link and topics of the early third announcement of data Gaia satellite (Gaia Early Data Release 3) have been discussed during the IUC workshop "Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium Coordination Unit 5", held at the IUC in October 2019.


Gaia is an ESA (European Space Agency) cornerstone mission providing precise positions, parallaxes and motions for roughly 1.5 billion stars in the Milky Way, with the aim of providing the data upon which the most precise model of the Galaxy will be built. In the conference scientists discussed a new cycle of processing data collected from a satellite in orbit at a distance of about 1.5 million kilometers from Earth.


Gaia's contribution is also significant in detecting the monitoring of potentially earth-threatening asteroids and detecting and characterization of extrasolar planets. Thanks to measurements incomparably higher precision than any other similar project, Gaia contributes significantly to the understanding of these issues and is one of the few space missions in which cutting-end technology developed in European Union does not have competition in terms of quality and scope of research.

All data collected from Gaia satellites are periodically processed and published and are available to everyone at