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President Milanović awarded Academician Ivo Šlaus

President of Republic of Croatia, Mr. Zoran Milanović has awarded honorary member of the IUC, Academician Ivo Šlaus with the Order of Duke Trpimir with Neck Badge and Morning Star for special merits in the field of science, research, international relations and exceptional contribution to the reputation of the Republic of Croatia and its international position in the world. 


On behalf of Ivo Šlaus, his son, Academician Mario Šlaus, received the award at the ceremony in the Office of the President of the Republic in Zagreb on Wednesday, October 25, 2023.


Ivo Šlaus was born in 1931 in Split, Croatia. He achieved his PhD degree at the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb. His research interests are nuclear and medical physics, particle physics and science of sciences, he introduced and developed new experimental techniques and methods of analysis. In the field of medical nuclear physics, he was engaged in radiopharmaceuticals and the development of neutron radiotherapy, he is one of the organizers of meetings on nuclear medicine. International relations, sustainable development and cientometrics are also areas of research by Ivo Šlaus.


He is the member of the Croatian Academy of Art and Science, World Academy of Art and Science, Roman Club, Academia Europaea, Academia Scientiarum et Artium Europaea – Salzburg. Prof. Šlaus held academic teaching posts at Rudjer Boškovic Institute, Croatia, UCLA, Georgetown University, Duke University, and the International postgraduate school Jozef Stefan, Ljubljana. He received the Award for Scientific Work “Ruđer Bošković” (1962 and 1969) and the National Award for Science for Lifetime Achievement (2008). 


Academician Šlaus has been supporting the IUC and contributing to the implementation of its programmes as course organiser of different programmes. He also was a member of many IUC governing bodies, former Deputy Director General, Acting Chair and Vice-Chair of IUC Council. For his dedicated work, he was awarded an Honorary member of the IUC in 2017.


We are congratulating prof. Šlaus on this award!