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In the year of its 50th anniversary, Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik is inviting you to the opening of the exhibition of Sabine Müller-Funk “Himmelber” after which there will be the cinematic concert "Orlando Trip“ by Fox On Ice (Anna Luca Poloni and Christian Mair). These events are taking place on Sunday, 24 July at 19.00 and 20.00 in the courtyard and the “Ivan Supek” conference hall of the IUC building, at Don Frana Bulića 4. 

These programmes of Austrian artists are taking place within the IUC course Paradigms of European Cultural Identity. Mediterranean sea as a common Space which will problematise the questions of European identity, heterogeneity and overlapping moments, and similarity in this joint space.

Sabine Müller-Funk lives in Austria as a free artist. She is concerned with topics of remembrance, handwriting and archives, membrane, and compaction. She mostly works on paintings, installations, sculptures often also with glass, photography, and art in nature.  

On this occasion, in the series “Himmelüber” (“Skyover”) the author is overwriting images of the Mediterranean as a European dream space with texts, words, poetry of authors who – often from the other side of the Mediterranean – have another dream space in front of them: namely, safe Europe. Two different perspectives overlap in these images: for Europeans, the sea horizon is a metaphor for vastness and openness, for migrants, on the other hand, the longing (dream) space is the mainland, a symbol of freedom, prosperity, and security. From these spaces, the artist is photographing the sea. 

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Anna Maria Krassnigg aka Anna Luca Poloni is an actress, writer, and theatre-maker. Christian Mair is a musician, composer, and film/theatre producer. Together they perform „Orlando Trip“ under their label Fox On Ice.

ORLANDO TRIP is a cinematic concert about the Orlando myth: It centres on the journey of a young man who is appointed ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, crosses the Mediterranean twice and finally returns as a woman. This story is told live in twelve songs based on lyrics by Anna Luca Poloni and narrative interludes. Video clips with scenic associations accompany the concert. Ariost's Orlando Furioso and Virginia Woolf's Orlando are godfathers.  A sea story. A triumph of the unconscious and the phenomenon of fluidity.

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These cultural programmes are supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum and would be held in English.

The entrance is free of charge. After the programme the Inter-University Centre invites to conversation with artists during the reception.

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