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Center for Legal Practices as Instruments for Access to Justice in Southern Brazil

Claudio A Klaus Jr, Carla Piffer, Levi Hülse

The Center of Legal Practices is intended to guarantee law students a field of experience and knowledge that constitutes possibilities for the articulation of theory and practice, in order to develop skills, habits, and attitudes relevant and necessary for the acquisition of professional skills. On the theoretical side, it seeks to give opportunities for law school students, both UNIARP and University Center of Brusque Center of Legal Practices to work in simulated civil, criminal, and labor practice, in order to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for the performance of various legal branches in the practice of law. On the practical side, currently, the NPJ handles lawsuits involving the most diverse civil areas. The mission of these centers is to increase access to justice, assist in the dejudicialization process, and through its conciliation projects, seek the resolution of conflicts through alternative resolution methods. In this way, the Centers for Legal practice do not only have value as an instrument for training future lawyers, but have a societal function as well, in particular, to make legal counsel more accessible.