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39 | PUBLICE AND PRIVATE JUSTICE - Dispute Resolution in Modern Societies

Transformation of Civil Justice: Unity and Diversity
28 May 2017 - 02 Jun 2017
Course directors:
Elisabetta Silvestri, University of Pavia, Italy
Vesna Rijavec, University of Maribor, Slovenia
C. H. Remco Van Rhee, University of Maastricht, Netherlands
Alan Uzelac, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Paul Oberhammer, University of Vienna, Austria
Burkhard Hess, Max Planck Institute, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Jon T. Johnsen, University of Oslo, Norway
Course description:

The course and conference Public and Private Justice is interdisciplinary in nature. It not only deals extensively with the legal aspects of civil litigation, but also touches upon other disciplines such as history, political science, philosophy and sociology. The main aim is to analyse the role and functioning of the law and its institutions as mechanisms for the regulation of social conflicts in present-day world. The methodology used in the course is dynamic. It concentrates not only on the present legal systems, but also takes into account the evolution of procedural reforms in various jurisdictions, starting from Roman up to modern times. Although the main focus is on the interconnection of private and public dispute resolution mechanisms, the course also analyses the effect of different solutions on overall access to justice, thus covering a variety of topics in the field of comparative civil procedure.This year's course tries to identify centrifugal and centripetal forces which contributed to the development of contemporary judicial structures, especially concentrating on the solutions which could be labeled as "legal transplants" or "legal irritants".

Programme offers 4 ECTS points

(Requirements: oral presentation or an essay, regular attendance and participation in discussion)

Course lecturers:
Aleš Galič, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Matthias Weller, EBS University of Business and Law, Germany
Magne Strandberg, University of Bergen, Norway
Fernando Gascon Inhausti, Autonomus University of Madrid, Spain
Sergio Arenhart, University of Paranà, Brazil, Brazil
Francisco Verbic, University of La Plata, Argentina
Christian Delgado, University of Paranà, Brazil, Brazil
Adriani Dori, Max Planck Institute, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Matthias van der Haegen, Ghent University, Belgium
Andras Osztovits, Supreme Court of Hungary (Kúria), Hungary
Baboolal-Frank Rashri, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Fokke Fernhout, University of Maastricht, Netherlands
Erwin Josephus Wilhelmus Giesen, University of Maastricht, Netherlands
Oscar Vranken, University of Maastricht, Netherlands
Bartosz Karolczyk, Kozminski Academy in Warsaw, Poland
Marko Bratković, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Martina Mantovani, Max Planck Institute, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Stephanie Law, Max Planck Institute, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Juraj Brozović, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Elisabetta Silvestri, University of Pavia, Italy
Erlis Themeli, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands
Alan Uzelac, University of Zagreb, Croatia
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