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Healthy Lifestyle and Prevention of Stroke and Brain Impairment
06 Jun 2016 - 10 Jun 2016
Course directors:
Vida Demarin, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Roman Haberl, Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich, Germany
Kurt Niederkorn, University of Graz, Austria
Zlatko Trkanjec, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Tanja Rudek, University of Miami, United States
David Russell, University of Oslo, Norway
Course description:

Primary objective of the course is to encourage cooperation and to promote exchange of knowledge between participants from different countries. The course is a meeting of respected scientists that work with stroke presenting and discussing all major aspects of stroke risk factors, as well as new insights in epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of stroke.

As brain diseases are increasing in number and became a major, not just medical, but also huge public health and financial problem, we decided to widen learning objectives to other brain disease, not just stroke. According to data from scientific literature, it is obvious, that lifestyle modification has major role in prevention of brain impairment. Probably the major feature of the course is enabling exchange of experience among experts and comparison of data from various countries. Also, the course allows knowledge transfer between respected scientists from western countries and colleagues from central and eastern European countries working in the fied of brain diseases.

Sharing and spreading the knowledge contributes greatly to increased awareness, more successful prevention and better manegement of brain diseases. According to WFN : There is no Health, without Brain Health.

*The Course is accredited by 4 ECTS credits. Requirements to earn those credits are interesting case presentation and final exam of the course.

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