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19 Jun 2016 - 24 Jun 2016
Course directors:
Steve Case, Loughborough University, United Kingdom
Janet Jamieson, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom
Đuka Stakić, Penn State University, United States
Joe Yates, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom
Course description:

International Perspectives on Working with Vulnerable Youth in Conflict with the Law

The symposium focuses on providing space to critically reflect on the extent to which theory and research have been employed by those in power to inform and legitimise policy and practice in the field of ‘youth justice’ or, more broadly, ‘children in conflict with the law’.

Particular attention will be paid to how ‘global’ knowledge can be mobilised to develop effective and humane responses to ‘children in trouble’ and how this can be developed and sustained in order to influence practice. Symposium participants will also pay attention to the all important consideration of ‘local’ transferability of practice models including the processes of interpretation and implementation.

Course directors (alphabetically):

Steve Case, Loughborough University, England

ĐukaStakić, Penn State University, USA

Joe Yates, Liverpool John Moores University, England

2016 Organising directors (guest):

Julie Shaw


Sarah Greenhow

Liverpool John Moores University, England.

This year, we will focus on young people in conflict with the law who could also be considered ‘vulnerable’. Whilst all children in conflict with law can be considered vulnerable, we are particularly interested in exploring those aspects of vulnerability where children face additional challenges. This might include children in the care system, children with mental health needs, children with special educational needs, children in need of protection and any other forms of vulnerability. We will then consider how these vulnerability factors can contribute to the experience of and responses to young people within a youth justice and social work context.

We are interested in children and young people who are in conflict with the law at all stages of the justice process, from being at risk of offending to those in custody. Beyond the justice system, we will explore how various interventions (including social work, education, health, voluntary and social policy approaches) can be deployed in response to the additional challenges vulnerable young people face. We are interested in sharing international approaches to practice in this area, with a view to considering evidence relating to what works well and what could be improved in the future. Within our theme of vulnerability, we will also discuss how vulnerable young people are conceptualised by the youth justice process within various jurisdictions: are young people considered to be vulnerable and in need of protection or primarily as offenders in need of control?

Although we have outlined various areas of interest, we would welcome any papers related to vulnerable young people who are in conflict with the law.

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