Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik

An independent international centre for advanced studies


08 Feb 2016 - 13 Feb 2016
Course directors:
Josip Kregar, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Violeta Beširević, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Endre Stavang, University of Oslo, Norway
Gideon Parchomovski, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, United States
Course description:

The course will be devboted to urgent legal issues: constitutional changers after democratiuc consolidation, the emerging issues in Law and Economics, the human rights and the cololecitive rights of minorities.

Each day will be organized in the morning by two formal lectures and presentation of participants inm afternoon sessions.

The new constitutional challenges are the limits of direct democrycy and the new task of representative bodies in europeanm context.

The theory of law and economics is esspetialy fruitful for the rights of industrial property, innovations and know-how.

Human rights concept is dealing wit new challenges in implementation as well as in the development of monitoring procedures and new institutional (court) protection

Course lecturers:
Đorđe Gardašević, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Viktor Gotovac, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Antonija Petričušić, University of Zagreb, Croatia