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Human right in the Social Crisis
21 Sep 2014 - 26 Sep 2014
Course directors:
Josip Kregar, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Endre Stavang, University of Oslo, Norway
Tibor Tajti, Central European University, Hungary
Viktor Gotovac, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Đorđe Gardašević, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Course description:

Students will be introduced to a multi- and interdisciplinary approach bringing together legal-dogmatic, neo-institutional and sociological-empirical research methods. In the field of human rights. They will learn about different theories and about the effects, these different theories might have in practice. Through research papers and participation in ongoing research projects they will also train soft skills in project preparation, project management, strategic thinking and consulting.

In the first part of the seminar, students will have to discuss human rights from the perspective of political theory and comparative sociology and legal theory .

The second part of the seminar will then deal with all of the legal instruments on the inter-national and supra-national level, i.e. UN, OSCE, Council of Europe and EU, and the judicial adjudication or political monitoring mechanisms.

The third part of the seminar is then dedicated to specific isssues of the transitional justrice and the human rights in the situations of crisis.

* This course offers ECTS credist. For more info, contact course directors

Course lecturers:
Ivana Jelić, University of Podgorica, Montenegro
Predrag Bejaković, Institute of Public Finance, Zagreb, Croatia