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Anthropology and Personalized Medicine: Impacting the Future of Comprehensive Healthcare
08 Sep 2013 - 12 Sep 2013
Conference directors:
Morana Jarec, Institute of Anthropological Research Zagreb, Croatia
Saša Missoni, Institute of Anthropological Research Zagreb, Croatia
Leslie Sue Lieberman, University of Central Florida, United States
Ines Varela - Silva, Loughborough University, United Kingdom
Robert Bob Meier, Indiana University, United States
Conference description:

The 3 ½ day conference will include invited speakers, proffered papers, webcasting and a workshp. Anthropologists study both past and contemporary human population biological and genetic variation that is relevant to the research development and clinical applications of pharmacogenomic and personalized medicine. An examination of issues of genetic ancestry, race and racism, genetic and social epidemiology, health disparities and healthcare inequality, and the interface of traditional medicine with new biomedical technologies, are some of the critical areas to be covered in this interdisciplinary conference that includes both clinicians (diabetologists, oncologists, others) and researchers from biomedicine and anthropology. A perusal of conferences on personalized medicine held during 2011-2012 clearly reveals that our conference fills a niche that was not present. In addition, the dissemination of our conference lectures and program activities by webinar, ISI publications, curriculum development and impact monitoring using the Becker Model will provide valuable, and currently missing, evolutionary and contemporary anthropological perspectives. These range from cross-cultural ethics to identity clarification (race/ethnicity/national origins), specifically relevant during the recruitment process of clinical trials. An anthropological approach will contribute toward achieving the goals of personalized medicine to provide a correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment to the individual patient.

Conference lecturers:
Dragan Primorac, University of Split, Croatia
Ellen Quillen, Texas Biomedical Research Institute, United States
Sarabjit Mastana, Loughborough University, United Kingdom
Dario Rahelić, Croatian Society for endocrine onchology, Croatia
Damir Marjanović, Institute for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ines Varela - Silva, Loughborough University, United Kingdom
Joško Sindik, Institute for Anthropological Research, Croatia
LeeLan Low, University of Malaya, Malaysia
Tena Šarić, Institute for Anthropological Research, Croatia
Maruška Vidovič, National Institute of Public Health of Rs, Slovenia
Florin Grigoresen, University Montpellier, France
Robert Bob Meier, Indiana University, United States
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