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09 May 2014 - 09 May 2014
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• Sevil Sümer, Senior Researcher, Uni Rokkan Centre, University of Bergen.

Inclusive Citizenship: Women’s Employment and the Organization of Care in Turkey

This paper will present the current status of gender equality and women’s employment in Turkey in the context of increasing familialism, pro-natalism and conservative politics. It will argue that an analysis of the gendered division of domestic labour and care work is a key element in proposing an egalitarian and inclusive citizenship.

• Hülya Adak, Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Sabancı University, Istanbul.

Sabancı University Purple Certificate Program: Turkish Modernization and Women's and Girls' Human Rights

Launched in 2007, the Purple Certificate Program is a gender education program targeting high school teachers in Turkey. The main goal of the Purple Certificate Program is to make gender studies the core of high school education and to raise the awareness of high school teachers and students on the human rights of women.

• Ayşe Gül Altınay, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology, FASS, Sabancı University.

Violence against Women and the Feminist Movement in Turkey: Grassroots Theorizing for a Continuum of Nonviolence in Turkey's Southeast

Based on ethnography of a women's organization, KAMER, which operates in the context of militarized ethnic nationalisms in the predominantly Kurdish populated Eastern Turkey, this presentation discusses the recent developments in the struggle against gender-based violence in Turkey.

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