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28 May 2014 - 01 Jun 2014
Course directors:
Veljko Đorđević, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Lukasz Konopka, Loyola Medicine Center, Chicago, United States
Marijana Braš, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Trevor Walker, St. Mary University, London, United Kingdom
Course description:

We are witnessing the unimagined development of medical science and the clinical profession in the treatment of patients, but what is left and what will always stand is a relationship between a health professional and a patient; a relationship that opens the door to a successful diagnosis, treatment and healing. Therefore, together with the development of personalized medicine, there has been a parallel development of person centred medicine. Treatment outcome often depends on the art of communicating with patient and proper communication with the patient's family, within the medical team, among medical teams, with insurers, pharmaceutical companies, patient organizations and others is extremely important. It is extremely important to develop and implement educational programs about communication at all levels of health care and for all the members of the medical team. It is especially necessary to develop educational programs dedicated to challenging situations in communication ( how to break bad news, conduct a family meeting, communicate about risks and prognosis, shared decision making and communication about end of life decisions). It is necessary to apply experiential learning methods with the constant use of feedback. Also, it is very important to use the power of art in medicine, both as art therapy as well as for the raising the awareness and education at all levels about many medical problems by using arts. During the course we will present possible models for health professional education on the topic of good communication in person centred medicine, with the presentation of the person centred medical interview.

Course lecturers:
Veljko Đorđević, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Trevor Walker, St. Mary University, London, United Kingdom
Lovorka Brajković, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Marijana Braš, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Juliet King, Herron School of Art and Design, Indianapolis, United States
Vassilka Nikolova Georgieva, Medical Unversity of Sofia, Bulgaria
Maja Boban, Agency for quality and accreditaion in health and social welfare, Croatia
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