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22 Apr 2014 - 25 Apr 2014
Course directors:
Joseph Bien, University of Missouri, Columbia, United States
Gerard Raulet, Maison des sciences de l homme, France
Course description:

During the last courses we have examinated the "crisis" of the Western model in general and of the European economic and political space in particular from the two aspects of a lack of democratic legitimacy and of a deeper convulsing of the whole constitutional tradition on which the state of law is grounded. It seems now in a third step absolutely necessary to approach the very problem from the other side, that is bottom up, from it concrete ideological manifestations and no more only on the theoretical level of its structural effects.

It must be assumed that there is no necessary and automatic correspondence between the production of political discourses on the basic level and the mold which gives shape to a diagostics on the level of political philospohy or political theory in a broader sense. This hypothesis is all but new: it puts the question of the emergence of a theory-praxis and has been thematized since the "Communist manifesto" by Marx and Engels. It is more than ever important to try in the same manner a sort of mapping of the critical categories used by the political and social actors as well as of the direct or indirect "theoretical" references of their practical ideologies.

Course lecturers:
Gerard Raulet, Maison des sciences de l homme, France
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