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Social Work Practice and the Austerity Measures
09 Jun 2013 - 16 Jun 2013
Course directors:
Richard Hester, The Open University, UK, United Kingdom
Janet Jamieson, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom
Đuka Stakić, Penn State University, United States
Joe Yates, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom
Course description:

The symposium focuses on providing space to critically reflect on the extent to which theory and research have been employed by those in power to inform and legitimize policy and practice in the field of ‘youth justice’ or, more broadly, ‘children in conflict with the law’.

Particular attention will be paid to how ‘global’ knowledge can be mobilized to develop effective and humane responses to ‘children in trouble’ and how this can be developed and sustained in order to influence practice. Symposium participants will also pay attention to the all important consideration of ‘local’ transferability of practice models including the processes of interpretation and implementation.

As the soi disant ‘austerity measures’ are felt across Europe and other parts of the globe, social work practitioners may be asking the question- ‘How will this new age of austerity impact on my practice and the lives of those with whom I work?’ In the field of youth justice (or work with young people in conflict with the law), the impact of this reduction in public welfare may be felt in terms of the following: overall reduced resources and services, a further intensification of target driven culture, ‘payment by results’ – monetisation of social work time, redeployment and redundancies of staff, an increase in crime (or fear of crime) as a result of increased relative deprivation , an erosion of professional standards – qualifications.

Course lecturers:
Ružica Jurčević, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Linda Rothman, HAN University of Applied Science, Netherlands
Janet Jamieson, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom
Richard Hester, The Open University, UK, United Kingdom
Steve Case, Loughborough University, United Kingdom
Rod Earle, The Open University, UK, United Kingdom
Attached documents
Janet Jamieson - Feeling the Pinch
Jim Lurie - The Convention on the Rights
Linda Rothman - Alliance
Lorenzo Toresini - From the Crocodile to the closure of the OPGs
Torill Tjeflaat - Children and Poverty
Ružica Jurčević - Stop program
Rod Earle - Stain Theory
Vito Flaker - Deinstitutionalisation Machine
Neven Oblaković and Sandra Šlibar - The experience of living in institution
Richard Hester - Criminal responsibility - arguments for raising the age