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Experiences of Powerlessness
02 Jun 2013 - 09 Jun 2013
Course directors:
Ana Bogdanić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Ksenija Napan, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand
Lennart Nörreklit, University of Aalborg, Denmark
Jörg Zeller, University of Aalborg, Denmark
Course description:

This course seeks to expand our knowledge of the diverse philosophical, humanistic and spiritual resources which guide us in our attempt to create a more just and peaceful communities. Participants explore the spiritual, ethical, cultural and professional values which inform our thinking and direct service. The course aims to explore the meaning and relevance of spirituality in social work, explore the social and cultural constitution of spirituality by deconstructing ideas, beliefs and practices in order to enable open dialogues about spirituality and working with people.

After having brainstormed and discussed the design of a better society (utopia) at the course 2012 we will continue these considerations 2013 – just looked at it from an upside-down perspective. For the majority of people, changes to a better society are used to be repressed by daily life experiences of powerlessness. To make changes to a better society possible requires apparently motivation strategies to discover people’s individual and collective potentialities to create conditions for a better life. The subject of the course will therefore be “experiences of powerlessness” as stepping stone for the rediscovery of (the experience of) one’s own power.

Course lecturers:
Kristina Jandrić, Association ˝Sunrise˝, Croatia
Mirjana Mikić Zeitoun, The Centre for Peace Studies, Croatia
Barbara Perasović Cigrovski, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Ole Riis, University of Agder, Norway
Jelena Ivelić, Media University, Croatia
Jörg Zeller, University of Aalborg, Denmark
Vito Flaker, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Chandani Liyanage, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
Attached documents
Akiko Kosaka - Searching for a middle path in 21st century
Barbara Perasović - Hollaback Social movement
Chandani Liyanage - Social Work in Extreme Health Hazards
Jörg Zeller - Experiences of powerlessness
Vito Flaker - Power and powerlessness in taxonomy of social work
Juha Hamalainen - Cross national Research of Social Work
Mirjana Mikić - New ethnic minorities in Europe
Ole Riis - Spirituality in social work in a secularized context