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Contemporary and Historical Perspectives
15 Apr 2013 - 19 Apr 2013
Course directors:
Joseph Bien, University of Missouri, Columbia, United States
Heinz Paetzold, University of Kassel, Germany
Gerard Raulet, Maison des sciences de l homme, France
Course description:

Social Philosophy

European Constitutionalism and Beyond – Contemporary and Historical Perspectives

Europe is in turmoil, and the actual crisis of European constitutionalization will be a main concern of the course. Constitutionalization shall be analysed as “mind-set” (Koskenniemi) in a broad global, systematic and historical perspective. It reaches from theories of justice that are internal to constitutionalization in different historical periods to the contemporary analysis of national, European and global normative orders and legal and political systems. Important comparative points of view should be incorporated – such as the comparison between constitutionalization and state-formation in Europe and America. The European perspective of history of society and ideas must be contextualized today in the context of a decentred world society and a long lasting world society of in particular Eurasia.

Course lecturers:
Obrad Savić, Faculty for Media and Communication, Serbia
Patrice Canivez, University of Lille, France
David Rasmussen, Boston College, United States
Mura Palašek, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Tonči Valentić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Tanasije Marinkovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Nenad Dimitrijević, Central European University, Hungary
Gerard Raulet, Maison des sciences de l homme, France
Dragica Vujadinović, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Thore Prien, University of Flensburg, Germany
Alexandre Dupeyrix, University of Paris, France
Petar Marković, GEM PHD School, Belgium
Mirko Đuković, University of Donja Gorica, Montenegro
Anne Reichold, University of Flensburg, Germany
Violeta Besirevic, Union University Belgrade, Serbia
Maria Gáinar, University of Strasbourg, France
Joseph Bien, University of Missouri, Columbia, United States