Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik

An independent international centre for advanced studies


28 Oct 2012 - 03 Nov 2012
Course directors:
Željko Krznarić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Pierre Singer, European Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, N/A
Course description:

The main aim of The ESPEN Course of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care is to provide a more practically oriented basic knowledge in the field of nutrition. Topics of the course are presented by experienced lecturers from around European hospitals and Institutes. Participants will learn basic and practical aspects of nutritional assessment, prevention and treatment of malnutrition, malnutrition, techniques, indications and contraindications of nutritional support, control and complications of different techniques of clinical nutrition as well as nutrition support in different diseases: critical illness, oncology, liver, pancreatic disease and others.

The Course is dedicated to young physicians from all over Europe in order to improve the scientific and educational level of the knowledge and narrow the gap in knowledge between European countries.

Course lecturers:
Stephan Schneidar, University of Nice Sophia, France
Michael Chourdakis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Pierre Singer, European Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, N/A
Stanislav Klek, Stanlet Doricu`s Memorial Hospital, Poland
Alessandro Laviano, University of Roma, La Sapienza, Italy
Tatjana Pavić, Klinički bolnički centar "Sestre milosrdnice", Croatia
Dina Ljubas Kelečić, University Hospital Centre, Zagreb, Croatia
Darija Vranešić Bender, University Hospital Centre, Zagreb, Croatia
Željko Krznarić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Sanja Kolaček, Childrens Hospital Zagreb, Croatia
Marina Panišić, Military Medical Academy, Serbia
Pencho Tonchev, University Hospital Pleven, Bulgaria
Regina Komsa-Penkova, Medical University Pleven, Bulgaria
Stefan Van Gossum, N/A, N/A
Peter Boudewin Soeters, University of Maastricht, Netherlands
Remy Meier, N/A, N/A
Luboš Subotka, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic
Alastau Forbes, University College London, United Kingdom
Irina Grecu, University College Hospital London, United Kingdom
Gintantas Kekstas, University of Vilnius, Lithuania