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The limits of pain and how to cope with depression
27 Jun 2012 - 30 Jun 2012
Course directors:
Veljko Đorđević, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Marijana Braš, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Lukasz Konopka, Loyola Medicine Center, Chicago, United States
Rudolf Likar, General Hospital Klagenfurt, Austria
Patricia Scherer, International Centre on Deafness and the Arts, Chicago, United States
Course description:


* Neurobiology of pain

* Person centered pain management

* Communication skills

* Cancer pain - how to provide optimal management of "total pain"

* Pharmacotherapy in pain management

* Psychological approaches in pain management


Registration fees / price per person / rates include VAT / rates given in Croatian kunas and EUR:


Until and on 18 May 2012

KN. 2.250,00

EUR 300

From 19 May 2012

KN. 2.625,00

EUR 350

SPECIJALIZANT / RESIDENTS (proof of status needed upon registration)

Until and on 18 May 2012

KN. 1.500,00

EUR 200

From 19 May 2012

KN. 1.875,00

EUR 250

MEDICINSKA SESTRA / NURSE (proof of status needed upon registration)

Until and on 18 May 2012

KN. 1.125,00

EUR 150

From 19 May 2012

KN. 1.500,00

EUR 200

* Kotizacija uključuje: prisustvovanje programu tečaja 28.-30.06.2012., welcome cocktail 27.06.2012., zajednička večera 29.06.2012., potvrda IUC-a o sudjelovanju na tečaju, pauze za kavu i ručkovi 28.-30.06.2012.

* Registration fee includes: course attendance 28.-30.06.2012., welcome cocktail 27.06.2012., get-together dinner 29.06.2012., IUC certificate, coffee breaks and lunches 28.-30.06.2012.

Dear participants,

Three days is not much, but during that time you will be part of small international scientific and clinical family. Modern medicine is characterized by rapidly increased medical knowledge. But, do we treat patients as persons and not merely as an object with a disease? Today, the modern technological aspects of medicine have made it challenging to bring about humane medicine. How can we use biomedical view and not forget the patient’s own view of his or her condition and the context in which the disease develops, while taking into account the most recent scientific knowledge? Are we able to change our perspective within this patient-physician relationship and focus on stimulating healthy and creative forces in our patients that are so important for their coping with disease, maintaining hope, fighting for life and not giving up? An effort must be made to provide patients with the best human healthcare and empathy as possible, especially in palliative medicine and chronic pain management. An essential component of medicine has always been caring for the patient. It seems that as a physician’s ability to cure disease has increased, the capacity for caring has lessened, although sometimes caring is more important than curing. Empathic listening by a healthcare professional involves an understanding of the patient’s illness and unique vulnerabilities. An understanding of the mind-body relationship must be appreciated as well. An ill person and a healthcare professional walk together and grow together. The stronger and more open their trust relationship, the better, faster, and more efficient the outcome. The treatment process exists only while the trust relationship exists.

Hope you will enjoy the course and beautiful Dubrovnik!

Course lecturers:
Josip Lopižić, General Hospital Dubrovnik, Croatia
Marijana Braš, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Branka Kandić - Splavski, Health Center Osijek, Croatia
Veljko Đorđević, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Lovorka Brajković, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Dinko Lupi, N/A, N/A
Antonija Živković, General Hospital Dubrovnik, Croatia
Vedrana Iveta, General Hospital Dubrovnik, Croatia
Fabrizio La Mura, N/A, N/A
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