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10 Jun 2012 - 16 Jun 2012
Course directors:
Ana Bogdanić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Ksenija Napan, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand
Lennart Nörreklit, University of Aalborg, Denmark
Jörg Zeller, University of Aalborg, Denmark
Course description:

2012 Symposium: Co-creative participatory spirituality

This course seeks to expand our knowledge of the diverse philosophical, humanistic and spiritual resources which guide us in our attempt to create a more just and peaceful communities. Participants explore the spiritual, ethical, cultural and professional values which inform our thinking and direct service. The course aims to explore the meaning and relevance of spirituality in social work, explore the social and cultural constitution of spirituality by deconstructing ideas, beliefs and practices in order to enable open dialogues about the meaning and purpose of social work practice.

The 2012 Symposium will focus on co-creative participatory spirituality.The process we will use is called Academic Co-creative Inquiry and participants (students and teachers) will co-create the content and the process of the course. Some questions that we may focus on are: How beliefs impact our social work practice? What is spiritual respectfullness and how it manifests in everyday social working? What makes our heart sing? How pain and suffering can be transformed through co-creative processes into bringing forth the world? What is relational spirituality? However, as course will be co-created by all participants our inquiry qustions will be decided on the first day through collaboration and consensus.

2012 lecturers: The course will be co-created by participants and all will participate by giving presentations, creating learning processes, inquiring, exploring … the spirit of inquiry and lifelong learning will be in action. Ksenija Napan will have an introductory lecture as well as Jorg Zeller.

Course programme: The process will be highly interactive combining presentations, experiential activities, small group discussions, inquiry processes and field trips. Decisions will be made on the first day of the course on Monday, 11.6.2012. Full attendance is expected from all participants for a whole symposium.

2012 Organising director:

Ksenija Napan, Unitec, New Zealand,

Phone: 64-9-4767503


A SOCIAL WORK INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL Dialogue in Praxis can be found here.

Course lecturers:
Ksenija Napan, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand
Jasminka Vučković - Kosanović, St Juhn of God Health Care, Melbourne, Australia
Mirjana Mikić Zeitoun, The Centre for Peace Studies, Croatia
Jelena Ivelić, Media University, Croatia
Kristina Jandrić, Association ˝Sunrise˝, Croatia
Renata Suza Mihalić, N/A, N/A
Jörg Zeller, University of Aalborg, Denmark
David Kergel, University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein, Germany