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70 | Family planning and reproductive health

08 Sep 2003 - 14 Sep 2003
Course directors:
Gernot Desoye, University of Graz, Austria
Josip Đelmiš , University of Zagreb, Croatia
Dunja Obersnel Kveder, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Peter Weiss, University of Graz, Austria
Joško Zekan, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Course description:
Family planning and reproductive health are fundamental human rights. Ensuring the reproductive health of future generations, their sexual health and social rights, can not be sole responsibility of women. This concept of gender equality in family planning and reproductive health, highly disputed only few years ago, is nowAdays increasingly accepted.
Reproductive health needs in many developing countries are largely underestimated. Groups with highest need for family planning are adolescents, unmarried men, people with disabilities and the poor. In addition, cultural factors often make it hard to openly address issues of family planning and sexual behaviour.