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Theatre and Politics II: Theatre and memory
05 Sep 2011 - 10 Sep 2011
Course directors:
Goran Gretić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Sibila Petlevski, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Nenad Prokić, University of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia
Katica Kulavkova, Ss Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia
Course description:

The course covers wide variety of topics dealing with theatrological, dramatological, philosophical and political issues articulated within the theatre&politics framework, with special emphasis on the issue of memory. The aim is not only to present and/or analyze instances of mutual interferences between phenomena from both sides but to reflect upon their structural analogies, epistemological convergences and social implications their interfering produces. Possible outcomes of such, basically interdisciplinary, methodological choice may vary in their very content, but the most important aspect of this choice is its underlying presupposition – ontological correspondence of these two spheres of human action; i.e. the fact that both of these are essentially collective human enterprises dealing with and taking place in public sphere. The fact of their public conduct exceeds mere topological aspects and highlights the principal issue dealt here: if theatre and politics are both public, collective actions, in what way does this publicity structure and/or determinate particular traits of their respective articulations? Furthermore, if theatre and politics are fundamentally public issues (res publicae), what is the status of individual, personal action within this field? Having this in mind, a structural position of memory within these two fields will be set.

This year course Theatrum Mundi will try to answer the questions what memory nowadays represents, as well as in history of humankind. It will attempt to disclose how history of theater is also history of memory. The aim is to analyze how theater articulates playing with memory in public sphere, its fabrication, repression and its negation. Interaction of theatrical, philosophical, political approaches and critiques reveal how within structure of theater and memory one encounters abuses of memory in the third millennium and avoidances of not just individual but also political and historical truth.

Course lecturers:
Ljiljana Filipović, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Goran Gretić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Snježana Banović, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Sibila Petlevski, University of Zagreb, Croatia