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30 May 2011 - 03 Jun 2011
Conference directors:
Nenad Prelog, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Damir Boras, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Inoslav Bešker, University of Split, Croatia
Robert Hayes, University of Southern California, United States
Conference description:


Dubrovnik, 30 May – 03 June, 2011.


Dear colleagues,

The Sixteenth International Conference on Information Technology and Journalism, will take place at the Inter-University Center in Dubrovnik, May 30 – June 03, 2011. The conference is organized by the Institute for New Media and E-democracy (InMed), together with Department of Journalism; Faculty of Political Sciences, (University of Zagreb), Department of Information Sciences, Faculty of Philosophy, (University of Zagreb), Department of Communication and Tourism (University of Zadar)

This year the conference will be devoted to the topic of

E-democracy – Virtual or Real

We would like to hear about:

Digital divide and media literacy

Politics of social inclusion and ICT for development

Interaction, privacy, vulnerability and security.

Multimedia content production, distribution, storage, retrieval and consumption

Copyright industries, innovative strategies of content producers, creative commons

Relationship between social media and mainstream media

What are the limitations and the risks of eDemocracy

How can the modern media support political education?

Internet economy and its future

The rise of a Fifth Estate

Important: IPSA's Research Committee 10 on Electronic democracy and the Institute for New Media and E-Democracy in partnership with DEL research network are organizing IPSA Workshop on „Net campaigning in the Global Context” on first two days of the Conference (30-31 May 2011). Following topics are announced:

• Transformation of political communication through new media

• ‘Americanization’ of the net campaigning

• ‘Glocalisation’: global distribution and local appropriation of the net campaigning

• Contribution of the emerging democracies to the net campaigning world-wide

• Elections and the net campaigning

• E-democracy and e-engagement

• Consumer citizens and the net

• Catching up with the net generation: governments, political parties and civil society

• The role of the new media in raising support for the EU

• EU institutions and the net

• Euroscepticism and the net

• Social networks, blogs and the EU

More information on:

The deadline for submission of papers, presentations and posters is April 25, 2011. Submissions should be send via e-mail to one of the directors’ addresses. For presentations, please send us the title, author(s) name(s) and e-mail, institutional affiliation(s), and an abstract (150-300 words) written in English.

Registration deadline is May 15th, 2011. We kindly ask all potential participants to register in advance. Those who are not presenting their research or applied work may register before May 15 if places are still available. The conference fee is 150€ for speakers, 200€ for participants without paper, and 75€ for students. Fee is payable at the conference in Dubrovnik.

For additional information contact the coordinator (or the directors of the conference):

The directors of the conference:

prof. dr. sc. Nenad Prelog

Institute for New Media and E-democracy University of Zagreb, University of Zadar


prof. dr. sc. Damir Boras

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Information Sciences


dr. sc. Inoslav Bešker

University of Bologna

prof. dr. sc. Robert M. Hayes,

University of California Los Angeles, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies


Conference coordinator:

dr. sc. Domagoj Bebić,

Institute for New Media and E-democracy and University of Zagreb


Conference lecturers:
Damir Boras, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Inoslav Bešker, University of Split, Croatia