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2010 Annual Topic: Entertainment Education
27 Jun 2010 - 03 Jul 2010
Course directors:
Pedro Rankin, Regional University South Africa, N/A
Đuka Stakić, Penn State University, United States
Srdjan Stakić, UN, New York, United States
Aleksandar Bodiroža, UN Regional Office Cairo, Egypt
Course description:

Organizing program directors

Srdjan Stakić, Ed.D., UN, New York, USA

Aleksandar Bodiroža, M.D., UNFPA, Cairo, Egypt

Course summary

The objective of this seminar is twofold, including to:

1) Define the basic principles of entertainment education,

2) Examine entertainment education as a standalone public health intervention and in concert with social work efforts,

3) Showcase ongoing work being conducted around the globe in the field; and

4) Discuss research methods of monitoring and evaluating effectiveness of such initiatives.

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Entertainment-education is a strategy that uses entertainment media to inform audiences about a particular issue and influence their behaviour. Currently, both public health and social work professionals are devoting heightened attention to entertainment-education as means of reaching various populations and especially marginalised groups of young people who engage with various media as part of their daily global youth culture consumption and participation. Simultaneously there has been an increase in scientific scrutiny into effectiveness of this approach. Although certain limitations continue to be associated with this model (i.e., ethical issues, misinterpretation of messages, stimulation of counter-productive behaviour and lack of extensive empirical evidence), intake of the approach is on the rise, while learning opportunities related to the subject matter are still relatively low, especially in developing countries.

Therefore, we are offering a course in entertainment-education with a goal of establishing a platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences related to entertainment-education amongst established professionals and academics internationally; and providing learning and networking opportunities for interested students. Specific objectives of this seminar include to: (1) define the basic principles of entertainment education and provide theoretical background supporting the model, (2) examine entertainment education as a stand-alone intervention and in concert with social work and public health efforts, (3) showcase ongoing work conducted around the globe; and (4) discuss research methods of monitoring and evaluating effectiveness of such initiatives.

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