Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik

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27 Jun 2010 - 03 Jul 2010
Course directors:
Ana Bogdanić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Ksenija Napan, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand
Lennart Nörreklit, University of Aalborg, Denmark
Jörg Zeller, University of Aalborg, Denmark
Course description:

This year’s symposium will explore the meaning of spirituality in the context of understanding term spirituality as a spirit of motivation that carries social workers in their practice. The idea is that course participants offer their own methods that social workers could utilise while doing social work in practice. Following this line, social work is perceived in rather broad definition and this is action of every human being that decides to offer own resources to help people in need. Many social workers start with high level of motivation but because of the challenges this profession brings they often develop a burn out syndrome or loose their enthusiasm. There are a number of possible questions/issues posed by the symposium: What social workers need to do to keep their motivation for doing social work? Which methods or approaches could support social workers to do their best and stay inspired to do their jobs effectively? Is it possible for social work to become more spiritual and less bureaucracy oriented and what this change may entail? Has globalisation had an impact on social workers and their spirituality? To what extent is social work a holistic professional ‘discipline’? How does social work relate to sustainability?

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