Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik

An independent international centre for advanced studies

50 | Social work and spirituality

01 Jun 2003 - 07 Jun 2003
Course directors:
Edward Canda, Kansas State University, United States
Dada M. Maglajlic, Bemidji State University, United States
Craig Rennebohm, Jesuit University, Seattle, N/A
Therese Marie Sacco, University of Johannesburg, N/A
Paul Shane, Rutgers University, United States
Michael Striebel, Academy of Social Work, Bregenz, N/A
Course description:
We serve and teach in the midst of war, the complexity of poverty in a global economy and rapid changes in society. This course seeks to expand our knowledge of the diverse philosophical, humanistic and spiritual resources which guide social workers in helping create just and peaceful communities. Participants explore the spiritual, ethical, cultural and professional values, which inform social service and action. Special attention is given to issues of conflict resolution, inclusion vs. exclusion, reconciliation and nonviolence, and to deepening our understanding of human spirituality as concerns for social work education and practice. The 2003 Symposium will deal with the necessary definitions, the different cultural backgrounds as related to the process of reconciliation and listen to examples of good practice integrated with some experiential learning. By selecting this title, we intend to follow up on our work from the previous years. Part of what we have done in the past is published on our website.