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Consensus Making in the Crises Brought on by Socio-Political Transformations
06 Apr 2010 - 10 Apr 2010
Course directors:
Joseph Bien, University of Missouri, Columbia, United States
Heinz Paetzold, University of Kassel, Germany
Gerard Raulet, Maison des sciences de l homme, France
Course description:

Course Description:

The last decennia we were confronting the principal transformations of societies both in the East and the West. State communism as well as social welfare states seemed to have exhausted their potentials. Actually, we experience the defeat of the ideologies propagating solutions for all societies. Among them are privatization, unrestricted markets, and economic globalization. Since these premises have lost their credits we, today, have to rethink the conditions of new consensus making both in East and West. Furthermore, we are asked to project something like alternatives to unregulated globalization, that means a setting of society, which affords more global justice.